Building a Movement


Building a Movement

Born and raised in rural PA, Ian’s spent 18 years of his life based out of Tompkins County as a student, father of two daughters, and a husband. He’s worked hard but also considers himself lucky to have gotten four small businesses off the ground, creating jobs in, and becoming integral to, his local communities. This year brought a tipping point, as he watched a country engulfed in division, and the vast majority of Americans being neglected, all steered by politicians and a system fraught with corruption. This is not the world that he’s willing to leave to his daughters. He’s committed to stepping up, using his experience in business and community integration to create a movement which brings new vision, energy, and action to the service of our Country. Committed to working outside of party lines and boxes to unite the people and businesses of our District. To getting things done and returning integrity and service to the representation of NY23.

The Do List

We’re at a crossroads in America. Do we choose to follow the path of economic decline for our working men and women, allowing the corporations to continue wielding their undue influence in our policy making? Or do we stand up and fight back for a progressive agenda that increases wages, creates new stable jobs and provides health care for all? These are some of the most critical discussions of our time. We need a representative with the bold vision and leadership to tackle these issues.

Cleaning up Congress

For too long, Washington politicians have been beholden to the wealth of special interests and desires of individuals to move up through party lines. Too many of our elected officials are too often part of a system focused on taking the power from the people, placing it in the hands of those entities donating huge sums of money and influence, and spinning it to ensure that most can’t tell the difference. Despite continually abysmal ratings of Congress, it’s difficult to flush the system. What we’re left with is a corruption that has eroded our communities from the ground up. Ian is committed to breaking that model with transparency, integrity and ensuring all people have equal access and equal influence.

Rebuilding Economies

Our local economies are hurt by offshoring of jobs and profits, increased automation, legislation favoring the wealthy, and a lack of vision for a new sustainable path. Local tax burdens make it difficult for small business to remain viable in our state. The results are childhood poverty rates of up to 30% across our District, families forced to choose between heat or groceries and our youth leaving in large numbers for opportunities in other states. Ian is committed to increasing opportunities for work rather than welfare. He strongly supports a variety of initiatives, from high tech incubators to family farms???. harnessing the strengths already existing in our District and protecting the resources needed to keep both here and healthy.

 Improved Health and Care

Despite some of the best medical professionals in the world with access to the most advanced equipment and infrastructure, our medical outcomes continually finish last compared to all other large developed countries. In addition, medical expenses are the number one cause of personal bankruptcies across the country. , and yet we the people ultimately pay the medical expenses of the uninsured and underinsured. Despite immense medical resources, insurance premiums continue to rise as coverage levels fall year after year, shackling families and small businesses. Insurers continue to reap record profits which in part are used to influence politicians on both sides of the aisle. Our healthcare system is morally broken. It’s time to join every other developed country in the world in embracing a single-payer model, and take no steps backward in getting there.

Strengthening Education

We must ensure that our public schools are provided the funding, autonomy, and opportunities needed for curriculums to be teacher-driven, technologically advanced, sufficiently hands-on, and both accessible and affordable for ALL people. Strong public secondary education programs which equally support technological and vocational tracks required to provide graduate pools skilled enough to join local corporations and manufacturers and college-based tracks are needed. For those pursuing college paths and degrees, it’s critical that their economic injection go to powering economies in work and spending rather than with constraints and deposits into for-profit loan companies. Our children are quite literally our future, let’s ensure that they have the skills and support needed to create stronger economies, unified communities, and more sustainable paths forward.

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I made the decision to run for Congress because I want to help real people with real problems; addressing them with fresh, new, practical solutions to make our lives better. This isn’t just a campaign we’re putting together. We are building a movement. We have all the resources we need right here in our district. So I’m ready to roll up my sleeves, get to work with people on the ground and to tap into those resources to turn our district around.

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