The District Run

On September 26th I’ll set off in and from Geneva, NY with the destination of NY District 23. The hope is to truly see and engage with people where they are, businesses doing great things in and for their communities, and the beautiful landscapes which draw people in from around the world. The journey will be colored by the stories from people who form the backbone of our communities and economies, their concerns and hopes, which we’ll share with you as we go. If my body holds up, and things go well, I’ll finish roughly 450 miles and 30 days later in Dunkirk with a wonderful reflection of our District as a whole.

To make this work I’ll need a ton of help. Help from those of you up for sharing your stories, of connecting us with those who may, with businesses who you think have been central to your community, or places that you think may be worth trying to stop at along the way. In joining me to share a mile or two, walking, running, or just sitting and giving me a good excuse to take a break. To join me in filling my belly with some of the best breakfasts, dinners, and milkshakes I can find. In putting on or joining a house meet and greet along the way.

I’m not much interested in partisan politics or dragging each other down in ideological arguments. What I am after is a window into the people and communities, our shared concerns and visions for where we can and must go. Or, simply a moment to just walk a few miles together in each others shoes.

Be a Part of this Movement

Follow along and share updates here on the site and facebook. Let us know your suggestions or stories, check my GPS tracker and come out to join me in walking or running a mile, or a few. If you believe the unifying power of our feet and communities to bring us together, consider making a contribution to the effort here:

Literally every bit helps to make for a better project and carrying the sentiment forward into my run for the US House of Representatives and service of our District and Country.